Hunger Doesn’t Have a Face

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Leading the fight against hunger.

Hello! Welcome to July’s spotlight and thank you so much for reading! If you are new to my blog, in short, I have decided to volunteer at a new organization on the 13th of every month. I am all about supporting charities that are smaller and deemed to have fewer volunteers, but that doesn’t mean that the bigger organizations need us any less. Even with the amount of publicity that they fortunately receive, there is still always a lot of work to be done and volunteers are paramount.

This month, I chose to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank. Specifically, I volunteered at Portwall, one of their warehouses. Last year, the Houston Food Bank provided almost 80,000,000 meals. There is a stigma about the kind of person that needs assistance with providing food for themselves or their family, but it’s important to remember that hunger doesn’t have a face. Anybody can be down on their luck at any time, and it’s amazing that there’s organizations like this to help pick us up and get us back on our feet.

So, let’s break down my time here…For the first half of the shift, we were to pack breakfasts and snacks for the following day for the Kids Cafe program. This program provides nourishment to children that may not otherwise receive it at home. Our quota was 2,900 breakfasts and 4,204 snacks – and we collectively finished in record timing! Ok, maybe they tell everyone that…But either way, it’s great to feel appreciated! And that’s something that the Houston Food Bank is really great at doing.


Volunteering at the Houston Food Bank is a really fun experience too. They have music playing as you’re working, and they tell you upfront that singing and dancing is encouraged. Everyone there is super friendly and even though it was my first time volunteering there, I felt as if they were my friends. Aside from their awesome, positive attitudes, little details around the warehouse really make you feel valued.


For the second half of the shift, we put together food for the Senior Box Program. Per the Houston Food Bank’s website, this program is funded by the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, which is a federal program who’s mission is to improve the health and nutrition of seniors that are living on no more than 130% of the Federal Poverty Level. Once a month, these seniors receive food items that equate roughly 26 meals. Our coordinator made the point that this program is great because these seniors often have to choose between buying medicine and buying food. Isn’t that so heartbreaking and eye-opening to think about? Yesterday, we diligently filled boxes for 569 seniors – that’s 14,794 meals. Each box contained two juices, two milks, four canned vegetables, two canned fruits, rice, chili, and a bag of oats.


I love being able to give back to others, but it’s even better when you can have fun doing so. I highly recommend volunteering at the Houston Food Bank and it’s easy to register if you’re interested. If you don’t want to do exactly what I did, there are many other programs implemented that you can sign up for. If you don’t have the time to volunteer but would like to help out by donating, the link for that is below as well. Each dollar you donate will provide 3 nutritious meals.



Thank you for reading and for your continuous support. If you want to join me next month, send me a message and I’d love to give you the information!

Houston Food Bank Homepage

Volunteer at the Houston Food Bank

Donate to the Houston Food Bank

Services the Houston Food Bank Offers

Celebrate Everything,

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